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Zimbabwe's Leading Enterprise Messaging Developer.

We deliver great AI-powered SMS and WhatsApp Chatbots.

Our efficient Bulk SMS platform send regular or personalized SMS to ECONET, NETONE & TELECEL using Alphanumeric Sender ID.

Custom Software Development Solutions

Do you want to digitize your operations? We are a partner of choice and we can help you develop a custom software to automate manual process and improve efficiency of doing things by 70%. We can help you with:

  • Custom WhatsApp or SMS Chatbot development
  • Develop custom Electronic Database Management System (eDBMS)
  • Custom Mobile Application Development for major mobile Operating Systems (OSs)
  • Custom Web Applications
  • Professional corporate website development
  • Custom Data visualization dashboard development

Why Us

We have modern business solutions


Enterprise Messaging

Connect and engage with your customers securely using our 2-way SMS and WhatsApp Chatbot messaging.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System

From Accounting, Sales, Invoicing to Manufacturing, Procurement, we provide your business with training, support and custom development of business systems.


Database & Data Management

All the answers that you are looking for are in all the data that you have.

Getting the job done

Some of the projects we are proud of

SMS Chatbot for Global Platform Zimbabwe

SMS Shortcode

We are proud to have developed a Zero-rated SMS Chatbot platform for Global Platform Zimbabwe that will be used to administer any kind of survey. The platform, which uses an SMS shortcode is a 2-way SMS platform that works on realtime basis and on any phone.

  • SMS Shortcode (Short phone number)
  • Zero-rated (Customers access for free)
  • Works on any phone
  • Data visualization backend dashboard

EnviroBot for ZELA

WhatsApp Chatbot

We helped Zimbabwe Environmental Law Association (ZELA) to re-develop a WhatsApp Chatbot that helps communities to report issues of environmental degradation as well as getting information on the matter and book environmental legal professional all on the chatbot.

  • Very fast chatbot
  • Available 24/7
  • Data visualization dashboard for reports
  • Can broadcast WhatsApp message templates

Custom Mobile App for Childline Zimbabwe

Mobile App Development

We developed a custom mobile application for Childline Zimbabwe. The application which is available on Android Playstore and Apple App store helps kids to access information and chat with counsellors among other features.

  • In-built realtime Chat function
  • Data visualization and control web-based dashboard
  • For Android and iOS

Digitizing your business in now mandatory

We take it further by pioneering affordable innovations

The revolutionary of Chatbots is a plus to your business.

Your customers use SMS and WhatsApp, do you?

70% of SMS and WhatsApp users think it is the easiest way to connect to businesses. We are your Zimbabwe's leading WhatsApp Business Solution Provider. We can do a complete project for you or you can sign up and use our Flow Builder engine to develop a WhatsApp or SMS chatbot.
Your chatbot can be you ChatShop. Sell your products and services and get paid directly from chat using Ecocash, OneMoney and other payment methods.

Are you still keeping large volumes of important data on traditional Excel sheets?

Think about Electronic Database Management System (eDBMS)

We can help you to develop a Custom eDBMS that can help you to discover the answers that you need using custom Data Visualization dashboards. eDBMS can be a cloud based system that can give you access to answers from your data anytime anywhere, whereas Excel sheet hide the most critical answers that resides in your data.

Do you need all-in-one Business Software Suite that doesn't break your bank?

The solution lies with Odoo ERP and we are your Zimbabwe's leading implementation partner.

Odoo is an amazing all-in-one Business Software Suite. You have your Accounting, Sales, Invoicing, Purchases, Manufacturing, Point of Sale (PoS), Inventory, and more in one highly modularized Odoo business software. With Odoo, your pain of integrations different systems to achieve a common goal is gone.
What's even cooler with Odoo ERP is it's ability to be customizable to your specific needs. What else can you look for in a business software? Get in touch with us today.

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